Taffeta silver back lining (SBL) for sale in PH, used for PPEs

Local fabric taffeta silver back lining (SBL) is currently hot on the market as it is being used to create heaps of PPEs for our frontliners.

Recently, fashion designer Mich Dulce made headlines for designing a lab-gown type of protective suit for medical frontliners in partnership with the Office of the Vice President Leni Robredo. This came at the most appropriate time when the country is running out of PPEs.

Dulce, along with her team of volunteer sewers and designers called the Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club on Facebook, is upholding the spirit of Filipino bayanihan. This further encourages our countrymen to join the continuous effort in protecting our frontliners by creating and donating this newly designed non-medical grade PPE suit.


The design/prototype was approved, and the local fabric being used for the PPE isolation suit is taffeta silver back lining (SBL), which is now in demand as more sewers are creating the protective suit for clients that donate them to our frontliners in various hospitals in the country.

The pattern for the protective suit is open to the public, as we need more people to sew the approved design to protect our frontliners.

Image courtesy of Manila Protective Gear Sewing Club/Mich Dulce

You may download the open-source pattern of the protective suit HERE.

The SBL can be washed, disinfected and reused.

Waterproof. Black taffeta silver back lining.


Taffeta SBL is a crisp fabric with a sheen surface. The material is known for its tightly spun threads and close weave. We are selling waterproof taffeta SBLs.

If you wish to create and donate protective suits, we at Fabric Online have a supply of taffeta SBL, the exact fabric used for this type of PPE.

Red taffeta silver back lining

Here are some photos from our satisfied clientele.

Donated to a hospital in Cabanatuan City
Taffeta SBL fabric made into a PPE suit, which was donated to a hospital in Cabanatuan City.
Suit made with SBL. Donated to Mandaluyong Mental Hospital and BRTTH Daraga, Albay.

For order inquiries, please visit our Facebook page or contact us here.

You may also order thru Shopee

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